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you can be FNF and still have a good man, he just not a fn lol
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Ok if u want to waste ur time trying to convince people who tweet shit like “fat bitches don’t deserve love” & “I prefer light skins” to change their ways that’s on u!!! They still don’t care tho!!!
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@_EvanCollins @taeyongho3 @1brudow @AceInTexas @qadirahx I am spiritual not religious, so my belief on something completely different I just grew up in a church and that is the concept of sin and repenting. Don’t be mad at me talk to King James
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gas to high to be fw more than 1 girl this year ima be honest lmfoa
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The concept of t elling someone you going to Hell is so wild BECAUSE WHO MADE YOU JESUS ??
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@_EvanCollins @taeyongho3 @1brudow @AceInTexas @qadirahx Not if you read the bible. Morley we think that because you know they are fucking terrible and i believe a rapist deserves no l leniency however that is why we are not God because if you steal a loaf of bread and i unalive 6 people and repent and you never do, im good in Gods eye
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Remember when gas was 2 dollars and seeing 3 was wild.. I miss that
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Y’all wake up mad and it’s not cute 😭
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In a relationship texting other people is most definitely cheating ..
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@AshleyTrenayy i mean the employee… you okay ??
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now look at you on the no fly list forever
Nah it’s too early 😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️
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@qadirahx How about we all stop trying to force people to be okay with something they not. If they aren’t okay with Bi men move on and find someone who is okay with it. As long as that person is not being hateful or prejudice just respect they that haven’t evolved yet.
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@penidryjasher @qadirahx I don’t think the problem is that you are Bi it’s the fact that you didn’t tell me before we got married. It’s like hiding something important from your spouse i can see someone wanting a divorce
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@taeyongho3 @1brudow @AceInTexas @qadirahx The concept of telling anyone they going to Hell is the problem that most christian’s have, you are not God and can not tell someone where they going & Jesus died because we all full of sin so we wouldn’t end up in Hell. Nobody is perfect & no sin is greater than the other
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@mrterryjamesjr @FeministaJones @qadirahx Pap smear test for cervical Cancer.. A regular Vagina swab test for Stis but if you were referring to Stds Like Hiv and aids that’s a blood test that everyone should be getting regularly
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Who baby shower coming up I want some baby shower meatballs 🧍🏽‍♀️
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I want to move somewhere where I know no one and just change my name and entire personality
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please stop letting bro music confuse us .. he is not
he look kinda….
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it definitely depends on the nail tech
Them almond nails so goddamn ugly

Unhand me with them First Lady nails!
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I wonder why he deleted it.
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don't ask me for advice I advocate breakups and crimes
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You in gray biker shorts. In the mall. With vibrator panties on. You know you a squirter. He recording it and posted it.

Attention is a hell of a drug. 🥴
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You know how they say don’t check the hidden replies so you check … nah bro don’t check
yo who got that one video
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We should leave it alone 😭
Wait so ur telling me there was a sinkhole in China and they discovered an ancient forrest 630 ft down and nobody is rly talking about it ?! They found trees up to 130ft tall etc 🤯🤯
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little College kid trying to make ends meet

etart a video with me and have so much fun
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